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Shock Game

By Mike Lin

So Pat got this ridiculous and awesome game where, get this, you test your reaction time against others by pushing a button when a light goes off, and if you’re the slowest, and here is it straight up, you get electrocuted! Check it out: Lightning Reactions

Of course we had to get some suckers… I mean friends over to try it out. So we had a party at me and Kerry’s place.

And you can even set it up so that only the fastest person *doesn’t* gets shocked.

Amazing! I can not praise Pat enough for finding this. Then to go along with the theme that had been laid out, we made some chocolates, some fraction of which were filled with chili seeds.

Chili chocolate


And a final idiosyncrasy was added at the last minute where everyone wore stickies listing things they dislike, so that people who didn’t know each other could be friends based on mutual dislike. You know. Things like ugly babies, getting electrocuted, drunk Pat, tact, Name tags, less than 5 part harmony, groin attacks, and those who snow fight without honour. So fun!

Seeing other people suffer minor unfortunate events is one of life’s simple pleasures, but never have we exploited it to this degree. Wish you could have been there.

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