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USB stick randomly ejects on Mac

By Mike Lin

One more Mac thing. My biggest problem thus far with the switch to Mac has been my USB stick randomly disconnecting (32GB OCZ Rally2), with the error message “The disk was not ejected properly”. It works fine on other computers so I was worried it’s a hardware problem. Then I found out that Spotlight also indexes removable disks (seems like a bad idea to me), so I turned off spotlight and it seems fine now. To turn off Spotlight run the following in a terminal:

sudo mdutil -a -i off

As for losing Spotlight’s funtionality, I’m hoping Quicksilver will fill in the gap.

Mac error message from randomly ejecting usb stick.

Mac error message from randomly self-ejecting usb stick.



State of Electronics Shopping in Canada

By Mike Lin

crossover cable
Is this worth $30?

I needed to get one of these –>
So I was looking around online and I found these descriptions of essentially equivalent products from three different retailers:

Do you notice a slight discrepancy? Guess where I do my hardware shopping?

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