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Chocolate Fountain

By Mike Lin

The invite for my office christmas party, which is tonight, claims there will a ‘Chocolate Buffet’. Intrigued by the concept and wishing to educate myself further, I consulted Google Image Search. From there I found this link. I had to quote this from the page will with full html to get the full effect:

The Chocolate
not only is perfect for different flavors of

chocolate (dark chocolate, milk
chocolate, white chocolate
, etc.) it also works
great as a caramel fountain, cheese fondue
or even a BBQ
…the options are almost
endless…Marinara Fountain, nacho cheese fountain,
cheddar cheese fountains, Butterscotch Fountains, Peanut Butter
Fountains, Cookies & Cream Fountains, Chocolate Fountains
flavored with: Mint, Coconut, Orange, Coffee
the list
goes on!!

Holy crap! That’s the most awesome thing ever! Here people are wasting there time drinking liquidized food from underwhelming glasses when they could be drinking in the assault on the senses that a peanut butter fountain must be. If I am ever extravagantly wealthy, I will make it mine.