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Ghost House

By Mike Lin

Ghost House album cover
Ghost House

One of the things I hadn’t managed to do in Van until last week was go shopping for comics and CDs on 4th. The comic shop on 4th and … Yew(?) is stocked! Then across the street is Zulu records, where me and JonF spent a good time with their 25 disc changers. The changer I was listening to was titled “Canadian and Local” which contained another band I like, You Say Party!, and stuff. In the end I got one called Ghost House, which I thought was pretty fun.

They’re right down my alley, being high energy and fun. Furthermore the lyrics were pretty much describing the time I was having with lines like ‘Fly by night on bicycles’ and ‘Midnight adventures in a drunken state.’

And it turns out this is one of these bands that lets you download the entire album online! which is good because I got the last copy at Zulu. Check it out. I think my favourite track is ‘Your Big Day.’

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