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Smash to Pass

By Mike Lin

Had great holiday weekend in the VIC. I did a bunch of fun things that had been on my activity list for a while. This includes attending “Smash to Pass” at Western Speedway with my new friends Emily, Nelly, and Keel. I’d heard ads for Western Speedway throughout my childhood on 100.3 the Q, but this was my first time dropping in to support the cause.

Before I share my observations, first note that I know nothing about car racing.

They do this thing called the mini figure-8 race. They put two big tires on opposite ends of one side of the raceway. Something like 15 cars were involed which have to run figure-8s around the two tires. Naturally this leads to some mishaps at the point where two paths meet. Also, as the cars slow down to go around the tire, they are frequently rammed from behind. Here, see for yourself:

As a break from the action, at one point they brought out 5 year olds to race around on tricycles, similar to what they do at hockey games. Only 2/4 managed to start the race due to, presumably, their range from mommy.

Smash to pass kids - 1
Smash to pass kids - 2

Finally, at the end, there were some draws and some give aways, the most notable of which was the ‘Bread Toss’, sponsored by Island Bakery, where two guys wind up, and toss loaves of sliced whole wheat into the crowd! Who doesn’t like free bread! Especially when it arrives as a projectile!

Bread Toss

Wow. What an experience. I could probably go on a lot longer about it, but I’ll stop here for now. In conclusion, I can not believe I have gone 24 years without ever going to Smash to Pass.

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